Check Out The Trailer For Sorority Row

Looks pretty interesting, yet cheesy all at the same time.


NOTLD 90’s Is Better Then The Original?!?

A lot of times, people have a hard time trying to choose their favorite things. What’s my favorite color, what’s my favorite food, what’s my favorite pair of underoos (Batman, definitely!!) Decisions and choices, but in this case, there’s no question for me. Above and beyond any movie ever made, “Night Of The Living Dead 90’s” is, and probably will always be my all-time favorite movie. What does favorite mean to me? Well, it means a lot. Things that are my favorite are those things I can do over and over again, and in this case, a movie I can watch over and over again.”Night Of The Living Dead Original” runs a close second on my list.

I can still remember the day as if it was only yesterday, I was at a video store (at the horror section) when I came across the remake to NOLD! Something compelled me to purchase the video. After watching it, I must say that this is one of the BEST REMAKES EVER. I know, I know, just listen to me before you crucify me.


First of all, the zombies, or as Savini refers to them, the “living dead” (Oh well, zombies to me) I know on the limited budget of the original Night of the Living Dead (NOTLD 68) that was probably the best that they could do and some say that it actually adds to the grittiness of the film. I agree 110%, but that shouldn’t be held against NOTLD 90. The zombie effects were outstanding in NOTLD 90. Optic Nerve Production did an excellent job designing the look of the zombies. Visually, these zombies might be the best since those from Fulci’s Zombie. For the look, the effects team went to morgues and took photos of the recently decreased. They sat in on a couple of autopsies and even  watched film footage from concentration camps. Savini really wanted to capture the look of the recent dead. No need for maggots or decaying flesh here, because these zombies were only supposed to be dead for no more than 3 or 4 days. I would considered these zombies a step or two above Savini’s work in  Dawn of the Dead or Day of the Dead.


Second, the characters. Romero really focused on developing the characters. They were not as one- dimensional as in NOTLD 68. The change of Barbara’s character from a timid catatonic to a kick-ass take charge kind of girl was exactly what was needed to pump next life into the storyline. Tony Todd did an excellent job in the role of Ben. All the characters had more depth which helped us (i.e. the audience) root for them and against them.

Third, the ending. I really thought the ending of NOTLD 68 was perfect. It wasn’t the candy-coated Hollywood ending where our hero, Ben is saved. No, Ben is just another victim in the game of life or in this case death. I didn’t think this ending could ever be topped. This was one area that I thought they wouldn’t or shouldn’t change. Boy, was I wrong. Not only did they change it, but they made it even better. It is the perfect ending. I only wish Savini could have taken it to the extent he wanted to, but still it was right on the money.


Fourth and finally….Tom Savini. After spending years studying the techniques of Romero, Argento, and King, Savini finally got his chance. His accomplishment is as well-crafted as any of his mentors. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see Savini’s true cinematic vision for the film.

So these are the reasons why I prefer NOTLD 90 to NOTLD 68. Both were and always will be classics in my mind. I would really have loved to see the true extent of Savini’s vision for this film and maybe one day we will be lucky enough to see that happen. As always please e-mail me if you have anything you can add to this page, or if you have any comments, criticisms or suggestion.



“Their coming to get you Barbara”, but this time Barbara is ready for them. A remake of the original classic “Night of the Living Dead“. A modern retelling based on a updated scripted by George Romero and directed by Tom Savini.


This is pretty much the same story as NOTLD 68, but with better effects and a few new twists. The recent dead have returned to life and now seek the flesh of the living. Seven strangers are trapped in an isolated farmhouse struggling with the horror that awaits them on the outside and the tension that will eventually destroy them on the inside. Romero re-introduces all our favorite character: Ben (Tony Todd), Cooper (Tom Towles), etc. There are even striking reminiscences between the cast in 68 and 90, and that wasn’t a coincidence. Barbara (Patricia Tallmen) has been miraculously been transformed from a comatose broad into a female Rambo. She seemingly being the only one with any grasp of the situation and this time she not waiting for Johnny.


Not overly gory, but the zombie make-up was fantastic. The twists breath new life into this classic movie. Tom Savini did an exceptional job in his big screen directorial debut and maybe someday we’ll be lucky enough to see his director’s cut of this modern classic. Let me know your opinion, which do you prefer, NOTLD 68 or NOTLD 90?

RESIDENT EVIL 5, Torture Room Approved!


Resident Evil has been apart of my life ever since 1997 when my Uncle first turned me onto the game. At the time I had a Sega Saturn and once I knew Capcom made a version for the Saturn I had my mom buy it right away. To be honest with you, I never got to finish the first game. At the time I didn’t realize that I was going to need a goddamn grenade launcher and using Chris allowed very little storage.

RE2 was awesome, two disc video game, extremely long, great gameplay, cool ass story, it was really awesome! The games continued to get better (with the exception of Nemesis) and I continued to eat them all up!

When I heard a motion film was going to be made, I was pumped! FINALLY! And then I saw that this guy was attached to the film:


Well, I knew I was in for a shit fest! Why the films never followed through with the original stories is beyond me? From what I gather, Capcom wanted to go into a different direction from the games and wanted the films to be their own entity. Pretty sad as the films entities are shit compared to the games!residentcollection

Throughout the series, my favorites would have to be 2, Code Veronica, 4, and Zero! I never cared much for 3. I did beat it but it was so short, I beat it so easily. Which is probably the only problem I have with RE 5.

The game play is just like RE 4 and RE Zero! The cut scenes are beautiful; the game was actually Directed by Jim Sonzero (Pulse), used real actors, stunt men and I have to conclude that those were main factors in why this game is just so damn superior to any of it’s predecessors.  At times it feels like watching 24: Redemption or Blood Diamond but filled with more excitement.

Chris Redfield is now a member of BSAA (Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance) and sent to investigate a terrorist threat of Umbrella’s weapons in an African desert area in Kijuju. Chris is met by Sheva Alomar, who agrees to accompany him. The two rendezvous with a butcher who tells them to locate a man named Irving. Along the way, the two see someone get fed a strange object which turns him into a majini. After some time, the two watch the butcher’s execution and this is where the game STARTS!


The Animation is phenomenal, the story is pretty decent compared to the OUTBREAK series and the Bosses in this game are all bad ass! Probably the best feature of the game is the the co-op play. For the first time, you and a friend can battle zombies- ugh the Majini together. Better yet, if your partner gets tired of blowing through humans possessed by evil spirits, they can leave then come back any time they want. That’s right! You don’t have to go at it alone; Honestly I haven’t had so much fun playing a video game in a very long time. I got stuck on a level and asked called my little brother who I got hooked onto RE to join me and together we defeated the boss!

I believe this game is well worth the $60 bucks it’s listed for. I bought the collectors edition at a whopping $87.53 (I pre-ordered it) seems a bit expensive but it came with some awesome stuff!


Steel Book: really just a Tin Game Cover with really Cool Artwork inside and outside, it includes the Game Disc and a Bonus Disc.

Bonus Disc: DvD Disc that takes us behind the scenes to see how the game was brought to life. A really cool look at the making of the game is all, showing us how RE 5 was made like a motion picture. Concept Art, Trailers For Resident Evil Degeneration and Resident Evil Extinction.

Chris Redfield Figurine: That’s all it is a small 3inch Chris toy.

Kijuju Necklace: A small necklace in the shape of Africa.

BSAA Patch: Yeah, so if you want to be Chris Redfield, all you need to do is buy all the other crap and then just put this patch on! LoL

Tricell Messenger Bag: A man purse, like the one Jack Bauer uses on 24.

All this for $20 dollars more. I would pay that just for the Bonus DvD!

This is a Must buy for any RE fan! I give it 4/5 Zombies.


Another Reboot in 3D….*Sigh*


News has come that a possible remake of the 80’s classic PUPPETMASTER is on the horizon. Word has it that Charles Band is looking to hop on the latest trend and film the remake in 3D. This follows a trend we have seen most recently with the popular MY BLOODY VALENTINE remake and will in the future with the remake of Joe Dante’s classic PIRANHA and the soon to be released FINAL DESTINATION: DEATH TRIP.


The original PUPPETMASTER (which put Full Moon Entertainment on the map) was directed by David Schmoeller, who also directed the classic and very creepy TOURIST TRAP (when will that one be remade in 3D?), and followed a story that started with famous puppet master Andre Toulon ominously packing away his murderous puppets only to shoot himself before Nazi agents get there with the intent to rob him of his secret of life.


The movie itself spawned eight, count them, eight sequels before it decided to call it a day with the craptasticly wonderful PUPPETMASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS which sported the tagline “Playtime is over. Now the REAL fun begins“. Right, Whatever you say!


Hey, Who doesn’t want the illusion of over-sized leech vomit flying out at them from the big screen? Spewed by a glamourous female puppet no less? Ok, me neither but I love 3D and I want to like this so let’s give it a try!

My Watchmen Review

A bit late as I saw the movie a couple of days ago, but I figure I give you my overall review of the film now. I know it’s not a horror film but I thought it still needed my offical seal of approval….or not?

Drag Me To Hell Trailer

He’s been gone playing with “Spider-Man” for the last half decade or so but very soon he will make his much anticipated, long awaited return to horror.

Talking about Sam Raimi of course and the film is “Drag Me To Hell“.

The trailer hit today, I know you can wait to see it so here you go.  Check out:

Bill Moseley As Uncle Seymour?

Rob Zombie updated his blog with this pic of Bill Moseley from H2


Moseley will be portraying UNCLE SEYMOUR COFFINS who I am guessing is the local TV horror host as it says he is host of HADDONFIELD’S CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE.

Don’t say how much this character is in the film.  I don’t think anyone is going to be able to say ZOMBIE is copying anyone this time around.  Looks like he is taking the franchise in a completely different direction, again!